Our Founder

Jay founded the Center for Financial Education and Empowerment because he witnessed the unique financial challenges individuals and families face when navigating major health diagnoses.  As a Certified Financial Planner™, Jay is passionate about educating individuals and families so that they can feel empowered while making informed decisions about their finances.  Jay’s passion to serve this community has been driven by the impact of cancer on his life and that of his family and friends.  Over time, these experiences have transformed his perspective on life, both personally and professionally.  With time, he has been able to witness these experiences transform into something positive and meaningful.

Jay entered the financial planning profession in 2013.  Having previously considered becoming a teacher with a love for personal finance, the profession was a match made.  Since that time, he has worked with individuals afflicted by cancer and other illnesses in a variety of roles, both professionally and on a volunteer basis.  Initially, his journey led him to volunteer with a local hospice and visit with patients.  With time, he utilized his experience as a financial planner to blog on personal finance topics related to cancer and worked with non-profit organizations to offer pro-bono financial planning services to various families around the country.  He had a desire to help his local community navigate the financial burden of cancer as well.  With this mission, he had the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team of social workers, a community development coordinator, and an attorney to create educational workshops at a local cancer center plus another non-for-profit organization.  

Throughout these experiences, Jay has seen the financial impact significant health diagnoses can have on personal finances and recognizes the importance of careful collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of professionals when navigating finances.  It is Jay’s sincere hope that he can help individuals and family members understand their unique financial planning considerations so that they can navigate their finances and focus on the things most important to them.